Who We Are

At Mission 50, we’ve established a workspace where entrepreneurs, businesses, and freelancers can converge and be inspired. We think the best way to honor Hoboken’s continued success and development is to give local businesses a place to grow in this truly special community.

Why Mission 50


Running a business isn’t always predictable. That’s why Mission 50 is uniquely equipped to accommodate your changing needs as you scale up or down.


We’re invested in helping your business thrive: Mission 50 works to facilitate connections among Hoboken’s large and growing community of young professionals in a productive, collaborative space.


We understand what it takes to grow and scale your business — we are proud and active participants in the Hoboken Business Alliance and Chamber of Commerce.

Calling Hoboken Home

Mission 50 was built upon co-founder Greg Dell-Aquila’s core principles of hard work, determination, and fostering lasting relationships. Greg’s found success by taking chances and getting in on the ground level; that’s why he’s made it his goal to create a space in Hoboken for young professionals and growing businesses to launch their dream projects.

As a team of entrepreneurs and business owners, we are invested in creating a space for the next generation of industry to thrive alongside Hoboken’s already vibrant community.

What our members think?
“Mission50 is the perfect think tank for entrepreneurs and visionaries to come together and enhance their productivity while feeling good about coming to work every day. I am excited and honored to be part of the Mission50 family.”
What our members think?
“Even through the pandemic, Mission50 has been hosting collaboration events with both members and local businesses to try and bring people together while responsibly staying socially distanced. It’s been a great way to network with other members during these uncertain times.”

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